Winnetka IL

Walsh Natural Health is proud to be a health and wellness resource for the Village of Winnetka. Located just a couple miles from our location, our store is a convenient spot to stock up on natural products, or seek professional nutritional counseling.

We offer a variety of workshops and wellness classes for local residents that are very engaging and educational. Topics include men’s and women’s health, healthy digestion, building your immune system, superfoods, using smoothies to promote health, natural solutions for respiratory issues and many other informative, life-enhancing subjects.

Winnetka takes a proactive approach to health and wellness. A good example is the annual Winnetka Total Fitness Challenge


Winnetka is a village of fine residences, tree-lined streets, excellent schools, attractive public buildings, neighborhood parks, beautiful public beaches and boating areas, and four distinctive pedestrian-scaled commercial districts located in a unique, natural setting. Nestled along the Lake Michigan shoreline in the heart of Illinois’ North Shore, Winnetka is located just 17 miles north of Chicago’s central business district. The Village has gradually evolved with a cohesive development pattern that largely separates different types of land use.

Winnetka, Native American for “the beautiful land”, was named in 1854 and is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Winnetka is also home to the historic Winnetka Club (formerly, The Winnetka Woman’s Club). It has a well-recognized history of service during times of economic expansion, depression, war and peace.