Multivitamins are the most important supplement you can take because they fill your nutritional gaps. Even for those who eat largely plant-based, well-rounded, organic diets, it’s almost impossible to consume all the nutrients you need on a regular basis. Today’s food suffers from depleted soil composition, over-processing, preservatives, and the ill effects from traveling great distances to get to our tables. We need multivitamins to ensure we’re getting the basic nutrients necessary to perform the cellular activities that our bodies require. Vitamins and minerals play such an important role in the breakdown and absorption of food that omitting even one element can trigger the body to compensate in undesirable and harmful ways.

Specific vitamins or minerals might be needed to target specific health conditions, such as a weak immune system, mood swings, stress, or mineral and nutrient deficiencies. Magnesium
is a good example. Magnesium levels in our soil have declined dramatically over the last two decades, resulting in lower magnesium levels in our food. Because magnesium is a component in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, a lack of this mineral could wreak havoc on your system. Magnesium is one of the most common mineral deficiencies in the United States. It’s responsible for all of the relaxing functions in the body, which might explain the high stress levels in our country!

Walsh’s vitamins differ from those found in your neighborhood drug store because:

  • They provide enough nutrients for optimal health as opposed to
    only preventing obvious deficiencies
  • They provide nutrients in forms that are actually absorbed by
    the body
  • They are free of unnecessary and dangerous fillers, colorants
    and preservatives

Find these high quality brands at Walsh:

  • Bluebonnet
  • Carlson Labs
  • Country Life
  • Enzymatic Therapy
  • Ethical Nutrients
  • Flora
  • Garden of Life
  • Metagenics
  • Nature’s Plus
  • New Chapter
  • Ortho Molecular
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • Rainbow Light
  • Solgar
  • Source Naturals
  • Twin Lab