Just as important as what you put in your body are the things you use in your home. Many of the chemicals in our cleaning supplies and other home goods have never been tested for human safety. Although we don’t directly ingest these compounds, numerous studies have shown that the chemicals in these products find their way into our bodies. This is not without consequence. We’re seeing cancers, obesity and heart disease at ever-younger ages in our population, and we must look at our environment as an underlying cause. Become informed and take the initiative to bring only safe, healthy products into your home.

Walsh offers household products that provide customers a strong start in healthy home care. We believe in beginning with safe and effective cleaning supplies, eco-laundry solutions, and filters for your tap water and showers (chlorine is a harsh chemical). You can be both green and economical by using our eco lunch bags, tins and reusable water bottles.

Essential oils are a great household resource to create everything from your own cleaning supplies to child-safe and pet-friendly insect repellent. Many oils are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, plus they offer healthy alternatives to chemical-based home-fragrance products.

We carry New Wave Enviro drinking water, shower and bath filters, Kleen Kanteen reusable water bottles, Biokleen cleaning products, and we now have Vitamix blenders!

Choose green, safe and effective household products for your home.