Our pets can benefit from natural products and medicines as much as we can. Homeopathy, herbs and flower essences are all effective options for tackling our pet’s health issues. These remedies offer another layer of treatment to address both the physical and emotional balance of these important members of our families.

The concentrated nature of essential oils might be too harsh for certain pets to use safely, whether because of their size and/or highly active sense of smell (such as in cats and dogs).

We have reference books here at Walsh that discuss proper use of homeopathy, herbs and flower essences to heal your pet. Homeopathy can be used for almost any health issue. Herbs can also be used and work especially well for problems such as parasites and digestive issues. However, check with a knowledgeable source before use,  as certain herbs are not appropriate for animals. Walsh also carries homeopathic remedies for common pet conditions such as anxiety, difficulty traveling, itching, joint stress, digestive upsets, leaking issues and more.

Traumeel and Zeel are two human supplements that work well for animals with arthritis or injuries. Pets also react especially well to
the subtle energetic medicine in flower essences. This is a safe and effective treatment for a range of animal behavioral issues such as acceptance of a new pet in the home, aggressiveness, fear due to previous abuse, fear of thunderstorms and more.

Just like us, animals respond better to natural foods with minimal processing. Walsh recommends Wysong, a brand of pet food that is holistic, nutritionally balanced and can help prevent disease. We also suggest supplementing a dry diet with a “wet” or high-protein food, and we can special order it for you.

Our pets respond well to natural health remedies and good nutrition, just like their owners.