Herbs have been used safely and effectively for thousands of years and are a mainstay in several traditional cultures around the world. Many use them as a preferred alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Prescription drugs are hitting the market in record time and utilizing self-funded research studies to validate their effectiveness.
In fact, many drugs were created to chemically imitate medicinal herbs and their effects on the body. The difference is that the pharmaceutical drugs carry with them greater side effects and exorbitant marketing costs that are passed on to you, the consumer.

Herbs have multiple chemical constituents, designed by nature to work with the body to heal on various levels. Garlic, for instance, has more than 100 chemical constituents. Prescription drugs primarily have just one constituent that is meant to silence a symptom, not to work with the body’s natural power to heal itself.

The effectiveness of herbs has been demonstrated in scientific studies both recently and historically. From balancing blood sugar to lowering cholesterol to fighting fungus such as athlete’s foot, herbs have a wide range of uses. An herb can and has been used to heal almost any medical condition. Herbs can be consumed in whole form through the diet, as capsules or as liquid extracts.

If you take prescription drugs, you must consult a reliable source to determine if there is the potential for a negative interaction with that drug. Generally, you should avoid herbs that have the same effect as the drug you’re taking – you don’t want to intensify the effect of the drug. We have a database here at the store to assist you in ascertaining if there is a known potential interaction with any drug you’re taking.

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