Flower essences are soothing medicines that take the energy of a flower and use it to support the mental and emotional bodies. Preparation starts by combining a flower at its peak with sunlight and spring water to make a tincture, which is then preserved in alcohol.

Due to their gentle nature, flower essences can be used in combination with prescription drugs, herbs and homeopathy. Flower essences are energy medicine rather than physical medicine. They are excellent for children and pets because they work on a subtle level to which kids and animals respond especially well.

The conditions that flower essences can help with are as limitless as the number of mental or emotional issues you can imagine, including anxiety, poor self esteem, negativism, grief, muddled thinking, shyness and nightmares. Flower essences are a great complement to physical remedies such as vitamins, herbs and homeopathy. They address mental and emotional issues that, if left unresolved, could eventually settle in the physical body and cause illness.

Walsh carries several excellent brands of flower essences including Australian Bush, FES, Desert Alchemy, Earth Wind & Flowers, Alaskan Flower Essence Sprays and Bach’s Rescue Remedy.

Walsh has the most extensive collection of flower essences in the Chicago area, and our staff is well-trained to guide you in their use.