Lynn BednarLynn Bednar is a Certified Nutritional Counselor and the owner of Walsh Natural Health, a health food store dedicated to all aspects of natural health– supplements, functional foods, natural face & body care, mental & emotional aides, books, teas and more.
Lynn’s mission is to educate her clients and the community about using diet and supplements as a primary way of achieving and maintaining health.

Nutritional Counseling Services

  • Designing a supplement program to optimize health
  • Prescription drug review and possible alternatives to present to your physician
  • Healthy weight management
  • Support through periodic body detoxing
  • Support for chronic diseases, pain and injuries
  • Diet clean up

Approach to Counseling

In Lynn’s nutritional counseling practice, she looks at a client’s entire lifestyle, including diet, exercise, supplements, prescription drugs, stress levels and bio-individuality. By working with these six factors to health, she can help clients support virtually any health condition including cholesterol levels, blood pressure, inflammation, appropriate energy levels, hormone balance, and digestive concerns. She can also suggest alternatives to prescription drugs which can then be discussed with your physician.

Lynn’s ultimate goal is to help clients make gradual and sustainable changes to diet and lifestyle while respecting the balance between discipline and having fun. She strives to give people the tools they need to achieve better health and explains the “whys” behind her recommendations. Her focus is on long term health and avoiding expensive healthcare bills for her individual as well as her corporate clients.

Lynn Bednar - Nutrition Counseling Evanston Il.

Core Values

Freedom: Good health is paramount because it gives us the freedom to pursue our passions and fulfill our own unique mission.

Responsibility: Educating people so that they can take responsibility for their health and shift from crisis-based healthcare to prevention and maintenance.

Simplicity: Health is simple: It is about quality whole foods, supplements, living authentically, managing stress and movement.

Honesty: Clients can count on me to be compassionate, direct and honest when we work together.

Fun: Getting healthy can be fun and rewarding! I get to know my clients as people so that I can properly motivate them and be a partner in their success.

Individual Session Fees:

Initial consultation: 90 minutes for $195
Follow up sessions: 60 minutes for $125


Weight Management:
12 weeks / 8 sessions for $650


Lynn offers a variety of workshops that are very engaging and educational. She is knowledgeable about a wide variety
of topics including men’s and women’s health, healthy digestion, building your immune system, superfoods, using smoothies to promote health, natural solutions for respiratory issues and many other informative, life-enhancing subjects. Watch for her series announcements.

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I came to Lynn 100+ lbs overweight, with hormone swings. She put me on a pro- gram including supplements and a meal plan and I lost 45 lbs within 3 months. I worked with Lynn to recover after a recent foot surgery and my surgeon called the speed of my healing “unprecedented”. Lynn’s warmth is genuine and the benefits of working with her are renewed energy, few hormonal swings, improved immunity and a drastically improved blood panel!
I have had high cholesterol, triglycerides and enlarged red blood cells for more than 7 years. I have tried just about every cholesterol medication on the market, but have always had bad side effects, so I decided to seek out some nutritional advice. Lynn helped me understand food labels and healthier snacks that were still enjoy- able. After 2 sessions my triglycerides de- creased from 131 to 71 and my red blood cells were back to normal. My cholesterol levels continue to decline as well.