City of Evanston health food store

Walsh Natural Health is proud to be a local health and wellness resource for the City of Evanston for over 20 years and still going strong. Our store is a convenient spot to stock up on natural products, supplements, and vitamins, or seek professional nutritional counseling. We are grateful to be located within a local culture that is very health minded, and a city that puts an emphasis on general health and wellness of it’s residents.

The Evanston Health & Human Services Department was established by a group of physicians in 1874, when the population of Evanston was around 1,000 people. This took place three years prior to the founding of the Illinois Department of Public Health.
It is one of only 4 certified municipal health departments in Illinois, and the oldest, having been established in 1874.  The Evanston Health & Human Services Department is the local face of a global network of professionals who strive to ensure the public’s health through ongoing activities to protect residents and assess the needs of the community.
The Evanston Health & Human Services Department encourages healthy lifestyles with programs such as the Women Out Walking Program


Evanston, Illinois. Located just north of Chicago, Evanston is diverse in many ways, much to the delight of its visitors and residents.

Northwestern University, a major landmark of Evanston, was actually founded before the City itself. In 1851, the plans for Northwestern began and in 1855, Northwestern University opened its doors for the first time to 10 students. The founders of Northwestern, one being John Evans, submitted to the county judge their plans for a city and their wishes to rename the town Evanston in 1854. In 1857, the town of Evanston was named.

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